Entertainment Law

The entertainment industry is big business in Michigan. Detroit’s musical and performance history runs deep, with rich traditions in Motown and jazz. Michigan’s artists and entertainers need experienced entertainment law attorneys who understand both the industry and the area, to help them make the most of their talents, and their business. At Cohen Lerner, our entertainment lawyers represent everyone in the industry: publishers and producers, music and film, performers, promoters, agents, and companies. Whether you work in traditional venues, or push the edge of the industry online, we can help you manage the legal sides of your entertainment business. 

Entertainment as a Business

Whether you are just starting out as a musician, or are an established entertainer, having a strong entertainment lawyer on call is key to a thriving entertainment business. At Cohen Lerner, our entertainment attorneys know how to make the most of your business contracts. We understand the nuances of production and publication within the entertainment industry, so you can rest assured your professional interests are covered.

Full Service Representation for Creative Professionals

Our entertainment lawyers can help with a wide variety of business concerns, including negotiating publishing agreements, recording contracts, management or agency arrangements, and distribution rights. We also handle a variety of copyright and trademark litigation, to protect your intellectual property rights to your work. We understand how the Internet has affected the industry and will be there to protect your IP, taking the matter to court and litigate your rights.

Artistic Professionals Work Differently Cohen Lerner & Rabinovitz entertainment lawyers understand that creative professionals don’t always operate the same way as corporate executives. We know that you need space to express yourself and make the most of your talents. But that doesn’t mean your business should suffer for your art. ur entertainment lawyers will negotiate and enforce the terms of your contracts, protecting your creative interests so that you can focus on your art. 

Defending Performers Against Contract Termination

Many musicians, D.J.s, and other performers, make their money one gig at a time. Cancelled contracts lead to inefficiency, wasted time, and a loss of profits. At Cohen Lerner, our entertainment lawyers understand the importance of protecting against contract termination. We build cancellation protection into our performers’ service contracts, so business doesn’t suffer when an agreement falls through.

Entertainment Lawyers That Stay with Your Career

At Cohen Lerner, we understand that even the biggest names in music and film started small. We work with artists at all stages of their careers, helping them to grow their reputation and go after the next big hit. We provide a wide variety of commercial and entertainment services, so you know that you can turn to us with whatever challenges your entertainment business may face. Contact us online or call 248.691.2200 to schedule a consultation with an entertainment attorney today.