Intellectual Property

In some industries, a company’s intellectual property is the most valuable part of the business. Protecting your firm’s intangible assets can be challenging. You need an intellectual property lawyer who will go to court to defend your ownership rights.
At Cohen Lerner, our experienced intellectual property lawyers handle everything from patent, trademark, and copyright infringement, to non-compete, non-solicitation, and trade secret litigation. We know how to use intellectual property law to defend the ownership of ideas. When someone attempts to claim what is yours, we can assist you in identifying the infringement, and seeking resolution, whether informally, or by bringing your claims to court. 

Copyright Litigation

Copyright law protects creative professionals’ ownership of their original work. If you believe someone is using your work without your permission, you need an intellectual property attorney who can address the violation and ensure you are paid for your work. Our Cohen Lerner IP lawyers can help protect everything from books and educational tools to computer software; architectural designs and sculptures to movies. Our attorneys have experience in the entertainment industry, who know how to defend musicians’ compositions and sound recordings. We provide representation in a variety of copyright litigation, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), re-capture rights, fair use litigation, first sale, and indirect infringement issues. Cohen Lerner IP lawyers can help remove offending uses of your material or seek compensation for unlicensed use, depending on the circumstances.

Trademark Litigation

Your brand embodies the intellectual property that you use to allow the public to identify your products or services. When your brand comes into question, our Cohen Lerner IP lawyers take on cases involving trademarks, product designs, service marks, trade dress, logos, symbols, colors, packaging and all the other ways your business identifies itself. Trademarks protect those brands and the corporate reputation they embody against imitation or infringement. At Cohen Lerner we conduct searches, file trademark applications, and when necessary bring enforcement lawsuits to protect your business interests in your words and imagery against illegal copycats. When brand identities go online, our attorneys can use Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Proceedings (UDRPs) to defend your company against domain name registration disputes. 

Patent Litigation

Patents protect inventors from those who would duplicate their efforts for their own gain. Once issued, a federal patent creates a legally enforceable ownership right in the process or item created. At Cohen Lerner & Rabinovitz, our intellectual property attorneys can help you perfect and protect your property rights to your inventions. We represent individuals and businesses in patent enforcement, infringement, validity and ownership actions. Whether you find someone using your idea or have been served with a
cease and desist letter, we will help you litigate your interests to protect your property and your business.

Trade-Secret Litigation

Changes in employment and labor can open the door to a variety of trade-secret litigation. Our IP lawyers can assist you in negotiating and enforcing non-compete agreements and non-solicitation litigation with prospective and former employees. Our attorneys have experience in trade secret litigation across a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing to finance and insurance. We provide a particular perspective on trade secrets within the music, radio, television, and recording industries. We can help you put a stop to unfair competition through preliminary and permanent injunctions from state and federal courts. Using our extensive litigation experience, we can also assist you in creating non-compete and non-solicitation agreements that will stand up in court. 

Choosing an Intellectual Property Attorney

When it comes to intellectual property litigation, you need an attorney who understands your industry, and your interests. At Cohen Lerner, our intellectual property attorneys make it our business to learn about your industry whenever there are copyright, trademark, or patent concerns. We will work with you to identify your priorities and pursue your rights both informally, and in state or federal court if necessary. Contact us online or call 248.691.2200 to schedule a consultation with an intellectual property attorney today.